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Effective antiviral and antibacterial systems

— from the company "Automatic systems for environmental monitoring".

Aerosol disinfection systems

— aerosol air and surfaces disinfection in a fully automated mode.

Areas of use:

Medical centers
Shopping centers
Cultural centers
Public transport
Education centers (kindergartens, schools, universities)
Catering establishments (cafes, restaurants, night clubs)
Industrial and agricultural premises
How to buy?
You can buy a Mobile hygiene center or Build-in dedinfection system in the company ASKM. The optimal price for the device and disinfectants is formed due to the supply of products directly from the manufacturer.

To order or clarify information, call 8 (812) 309-18-05.

How "MHC" works
Approved by experts
Considering that this equipment has proved its effectiveness, operational and technical characteristics, we can recommend it to optimize disinfection measures of healthcare facilities in St. Petersburg with to increase disinfection, reduce the impact of the human factor, significantly save working time and disinfectants means and investments of the disinfection process.
L. P. Zueva
Chief Epidemiologist of the Committee for Healthcare of the Government of St. Petersburg, Head of the Department of Epidemiology, Parasitology and Disinfection SBEI HPE "NWSPU" named after # nbsp; I. I. Mechnikova, MD Professor.

Feedback to MGC 1 equipment.
Official letter
Mobile hygiene center in comparison with similar equipment has a number of advantages: the ability to automate the process (delayed start, date and time programming); the spraying process (applying a disinfectant) is validated, completely eliminates the human factor; remote control of the spraying process and, if necessary, its termination in an emergency from the control panel; electronic recording of the date and time of processing of each particular department with subsequent printing.
O. V. Emelyanov
Head physician of St. Petersburg City Public Health Institution "Mariinsky City Hospital".

Feedback to MGC 1 equipment.
Official letter
About ASKM
ASKM LLC was established in St. Petersburg in 2010 thanks to the efforts of leading experts in the field of aerosol physics, electronics and software.

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